Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wait a second - A VEG Holiday Romance Movie?

So after I wrote my last post, I was flipping through my DVR recordings and came across one last Holiday Lifetime-ish movie I had recorded that I had yet to watch - Will You Merry Me. Yes, that's the title and I STILL watched it.

The basic premise: a Jewish girl and a Christian guy fall in love, get engaged and get together with all the parents over Christmas/Hanukkah to meet each other. It was actually kind of cute, and even had some funny moments. But then, it got even better.

- The girl is staying in the guy's childhood bedroom and he has a hunting rifle hanging on the wall over his door. She's appalled and proclaims she can't believe he can hunt, killing innocent animals, etc.

- They go to the kitchen and his mother is preparing one of the ducks the father had killed. Guy reminds Mom that girl is a vegetarian. Mom says duck is ok because it's not meat. Girl says she doesn't eat anything that smiles. Mom then tries to find something to make for her, settling on quiche, when guy tells Mom she doesn't eat cheese either. Mom replies, "Cheese smiles?" I admit I chuckled - and I know, most animals (except chimps and humans) don't "smile" - but it was an effective scene that displayed the mother's lack of awareness.

- Guy and girl fight (partially about emails sent by a former girlfriend - emails about "animal rights" and stuff, he claims).

The parents fight (mostly about family traditions). But the overall message of the movie appeared to be that it's ok to start new traditions - like the one mentioned in the final scene as follows:

- After reconciling, guy tells girl that they'll have a VEGAN Christmas. She asks him if he'll eat Tofurky. He says he LOVES Tofurky and that he'll eat it whenever she serves it.

So there you go. Just when I thought my stupid movie obsession was shallow and time-wasting, I'm given some validation. And a reminder that things sure have come a long way toward mainstream vegan awareness.


Rick said...

AWWW KIM aren't you cute??? You watch Lifetime! Actually, in Nashville we have a saying among gay guys about Lifetime TV...You know how they call it "Television for Women?" Well us gay guys in Nashville used to call it "Television for Women & Fags." LOL I know using "Fag" is not nice, but it was sort of a big joke around town! ;-)
And big smooches to you for your nice complement on my last blog entry about Lisa. MUAH!

Lisa said...

Cool movie! If you still have it I'd like to see it!
And, now I'll have to go read Rick's blog