Saturday, September 6, 2008

With Palin in the race, please forget Nader

I think it's pretty clear that the US, the World and the Planet cannot take another 4 years, or more, of Republican rule. I understand the desire to vote outside of the 2-party system, but I am asking everyone to take the time to educate themselves on what a McCain-Palin administration would mean for the animals, and the environment. What will a vote for Nader, or someone else, achieve in real terms? What could it cost us?

Here is a little primer, consisting of excerpted quotes from Sarah Palin, regarding these issues, taken from this site:

Palin On the Environment:

* Opposed protections for salmon from mining contamination. (Aug 2008)
* Sue US government to stop listing polar bear as endangered. (Aug 2008)
* We must encourage timber, mining, drilling, & fishing. (Jan 2008)
* Wolf predator control is important for subsistence hunters. (Sep 2007)
* Feds shouldn't list beluga whales as endangered. (Aug 2007)
* Provide stability in regulations for developers. (Jan 2007)
* Convince the rest of the nation to open ANWR. (Jan 2007)
* Fish platform: "Resource First" philosophy. (Nov 2006)
* Supports "Roads to Resources": subsidized access to mines. (Oct 2006)
* Don't duplicate effort in monitoring cruise ship emissions. (Oct 2006)

Palin on Guns:

* Hunts and fishes, as did her father. (Aug 2008)
* Hunts as much as she can; freezer-full of wild game. (Aug 2008)

Palin On Oil and Energy:

* Produce more of our own oil & gas, for national security. (Sep 2008)
* More pipelines; more nukes; more coal; more alternatives. (Sep 2008)
* Claimed major triumph: $500 million subsidy for gas pipeline. (Aug 2008)
* Global warming affects Alaska, but is not man-made. (Aug 2008)
* Gasline Inducement Act: 1,715-mile natural gas pipeline. (Aug 2008)
* Commercialize Alaska's North Slope natural gas. (Aug 2008)
* Appointed an Alaska oil and gas commissioner. (Aug 2008)
* To win, GOP must push energy independence. (Aug 2008)
* Lift moratorium on offshore drilling. (Jul 2008)
* Convinced McCain to drill offshore; not yet on drilling ANWR. (Jul 2008)
* Unlock ANWR; we're ready, willing and able to contribute. (Jun 2008)
* Bush is right: drill ANWR & develop our own supplies. (Apr 2008)
* Get ANWR open. (Nov 2006)
* Chaired the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. (Nov 2006)

Care about human population control? She's for legislating reproductive choices, opposing anything other than abstinence-only programs and is against abortion rights unless the "life of the woman is in danger".

Her husband is a commericial fisherman, when he's not working in oil field production for BP.

Probably the most horrific things she supports is aerial wolf hunting. You can see a video of what that entails here.

Check out the Palin Family Animal Torture Photo Album at this site, which also offers some more info on her environmental positions.

At this point in the election year, a vote for a 3rd-party candidate is a potential vote against our future. Please consider that when you make your selection this November.


Neva said...

Thanks for posting this. I agree with all you've said regarding most of the issues here. But also the Republicans are right now trying to limit our access to birth control.

Read about it here:

If the Republicans win this upcoming election we might see our ability to purchase birth control severely limited. We might end up with "ghettos" where access to birth control is non-existent.

This is scary stuff! I feel like Obama could be better on animals and the environment obviously, but the alternative is so frightening this time around!

kim said...

Thanks Neva.

You'd think it would be an impossibility to top the kind of fear invoked by Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove and Co. and then the Republicans manage to find someone even MORE dangerous!

We all need to focus on this election for the next 2 months. I'm going to volunteer for the Democratic campaign locally, and I urge everyone to make this a priority as well.

Rick said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am that you posted this! It's information that we all need to know. Hugs to you!

Cathleen said...

I'm disappointed in this post. Most people who are vegans or nearly so support Nader/Gonzalez. I guess some status quo Democrat party apologists are vegan unfortuantely.... when I would have thought otherwise. Conquer and divide, that's what they don't even have to do. Chris Hedges was right in his antiwar radio interview, the Left in this country is bankrupt.

Voting for the "lesser of two corporate evils" does not work and I won't cast my vote for anyone but the best candidates. If you did too, third party candidates like Nader would actually have a fighting chance. But in this election, once again the 2 party duopoly wins big... And no third party even got the required 5% margin to qualify for federal matching funds for the next election.


kim said...

Hi Cathleen-

Yeah, lots of vegans who would normally have voted 3rd party decided the immediate threat of Palin overrode any other considerations.

Lots of vegans also support the tobacco industry by smoking, buy into self-protection fears and are big defenders of personal gun ownership and feed companion animals factory-farmed flesh. Lots of disappointment to go around.

If I truly believed a 3rd party would make a difference in this country, or that a candidate with intentions to change the laws in favor of animals could be effective once in office, I'm not sure Nader would be my choice anyway. Maybe Kucinich.

Regardless, not an issue for me this time around.